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Gavin Fung-Quon is your next VP finance

Gavin Fung-Quon is your next VP finance.

Fung-Quon, who is the current VP associate funds and former VP associate finance, beat AMS newcomer Mohkam Singh Malik.

“I feel amazing. All the work I put in for students is coming together. I’m so happy to help students,” said Fung-Quon.

Fung-Quon ran on a platform of strengthening services, expanding subsidies, improving communication and simplifying clubs and constituency finances.

Fung-Quon said he to start working on the newly passed referendum item and ensuring financial sustainability within the AMS.

“The first thing I wanna do is make sure we work on that by law on the referendum that just passed, make sure the AMS is sustainable and make sure we have better finance than we’ve ever had in the AMS,” said Fung-Quon.

Fung-Quon’s term as VP finance will begin on May 1.