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Candidate profiles

AMS President

Alexandra Smith

Brandyn Marx

Christian 'CK' Kyle

Shaun "The Bulldozer" You

VP Academic and University Affairs

Drédyn Fontana

Taushifa Shaikh

VP Administration

Amy Liao

Jai Sodhi

Kevin Heieis

VP Finance

Gavin Fung-Quon

Mohkam Singh Malik (ਮੋਹਕਮ)

VP External

Ayesha Irfan

Jake Sawatzky

Student Senator at Large

Alex Chui

Ferdinand Rother

Jasper Lorien

Kamil Kanji

Kareem Hassib

Kyle Rogers

Sahib Malik

Solomon Yi-Kieran

Taushifa Shaikh

Board of Governors

Eshana Bhangu

Enav Zusman

Ferdinand Rother

Jasper Lorien

Kamil Kanji

Leonard Wang

Siddharth Rout

Referendum explainer

Financial planning bylaw change


Debate 1 and 2

Great Debate


Our analysis of the candidates

The Ubyssey’s guide to the 2024 AMS Elections candidates