Your guide to experiencing all all four seasons in a single day

Brace yourself, winter is coming - no wait, it’s warm again. It’s that time of the year where mornings are freezing, but by afternoon you’re sweating through that fuzzy sweater in the middle of class. What are you supposed to wear on those days that aren’t warm enough for T-shirts but are still too warm for your favourite sweaters? If you’re sick of the weird transitional weather, here’s a guide to avoid weather confusion on campus.

A light rain jacket is your best friend

A light rain jacket is basically a must have when living in Vancouver (no seriously – it never stops raining). You can wear whatever is weather-appropriate underneath and carry around your rain jacket. Wear it in the morning when it’s cold and put it in your backpack as the sun comes out.

You can stand under my umbrella

An alternative to a rain jacket could be an umbrella. It might be warm in the morning as well, so no need for a rain jacket. Don’t let this fool you though, the weather in Vancouver might just sneak up on you, so always keep a small umbrella in your backpack in case the rain decides to make an appearance.

These boots are made for walking

And keeping you warm and stylish! Boots are a really great way to keep your legs and toes toasty warm as the weather changes throughout the day. Plus, they look great with almost every outfit.

Ogres have layers, and so do we

You don’t have to be an ogre to layer up. Humans can have plenty of layers that can provide us with warmth as well. Wear any combination of sweaters, shirts and jackets in the morning so you can just take off or put on more layers as the weather changes.

The weather forecast can be quite tricky to constantly follow when you’re busy with school and other activities. Therefore, follow our guide and you’ll be sure to be avoid weather confusion while going from class to class.