Things I wouldn’t mind keeping around once COVID-19 is gone

COVID-19 has me missing a lot of things. Mostly, I miss talking to people within six feet of me without worrying about catching an illness that could cause long term damage to my lungs, brain and sense of taste. Just the little things, you know!

But maybe we’ve been too tough on Zoom University (TM). There are silver linings in every situation, and I can think of a few things I’ll be yearning for as we resume in-person school.

Everyone saying thank you after class in unison

Whether it’s a “Thank you, Prof. X!,” “Thanks!,” “Thanks for a great class!” or “Thx thx,” “Thank you! See you next week” in the chat, or the few brave souls who unmute to deliver a cacophony of monotone “thanks”s as you’re clicking out of the Zoom meeting, online university has cultivated a real sense of gratitude amongst my peers. Genuine or not, it’s hard to imagine how this end of class ritual will manifest in person as people flee Buchanan.

Turning my Zoom camera off

Gosh, I wish there was a way for me to do this in person. It has been a privilege to learn and do chores at the same time. I’ve enjoyed class discussions and lectures over laundry folding, dishes, sweeping and taking out the trash. Now, this is all over.

Having no plans and not even worrying about it one bit

Are you without plans every night of the week? That’s alright. No need for FOMO. You’re doing your civic duty of “social distancing” during this Global Pandemic. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself…

Hand sanitizer

While sometimes disgusting, experiencing the different scents and consistencies of hand sanitizer around campus and while exploring Vancouver has been almost as thrilling as knowing I’m killing 99.9% of germs on my hands.

Not being recognized thanks to half of my face being covered by a mask

While masks will continue to be required in all buildings on campus, you can still sport your mask when you’re out and about to avoid awkward run-ins with people from first-year. With half of your face obscured, they likely won’t be able to place you. It’ll be a sobering day when I’ll have to start making small talk again…