A guide to comfortable studying without falling asleep in the library

Welcome to university! Where else would anyone voluntarily sit for hours on end reading other people’s great accomplishments in a stuffy room with a bunch of stressing students? With a few cozy tips, studying doesn’t have to be stu(dying). Get cozy while getting a great mark on your assignments.

Bring a hoodie!

Its cozy, it can get slightly dirty from all your pencil markings and the hood doubles as a semi-pillow contraption for those short but much needed naps. In the cold and dreary months, a little blanket to wrap around your shoulders or legs is socially acceptable too. Plus, you may make friends.

Snacks aren’t just for kindergarteners.

Bring those Gold Fish crackers or some fruit to keep your mind awake and to make you feel at home. Energy drinks like RISE and Yerba have 100% organic ingredients and great flavours that won’t upset your tummy while offering even more caffeine than another bland coffee.

Follow your nose

Certain scents help stimulate the mind more than others while bringing well-being to your overall mental health. Lavender is a natural calming scent while studies show that peppermint has an underlying connection to memorization and focus too.

Now do all this in the exam

During the test, recreate the environment you studied in. Though this can be a little more difficult while you rapidly write on a wooden desk from the 1900s, there’s a few helpful hacks that can help you accomplish this goal. If you chew gum while studying for instance, chew the same flavour during a test for maximum mental recognition. Also, perhaps wear the same hoodie or apply the same scents to your clothing as you wore when studying. Though it’s not an exact science, for those who like to be a little stitious, try this for your next midterm.