Study tips for your online finals season

The semester has flown by. You're three weeks behind on your readings. The final is two weeks. What on earth are you supposed to do to catch up? Here are some tips to help you get through this finals season a little more easily than the default procrastination method.

Make a to-do list

Or an excel spreadsheet in case you’re as far behind as I am and listing your tasks on paper will kill too many trees. As long as you cross each item of that list, it doesn’t exactly matter where it exists. Although a paper list on your desk additionally serve as a constant visual reminder, which might help!

Hide your phone

What Harry Styles wore on the cover of Vogue this month is not going to be on that final, so put your phone in a drawer on silent or leave it in a different room, if that’s an option. You really do need to do this! (After you’re done reading this article, of course.)

Spice up your study settings

Maybe just look for different locations around your home or room since going out isn’t exactly safe at the moment. Shaking things up a little can break you out of your routine filled with procrastination. Used to studying on one side of the room? Try out a new side! Used to studying at the kitchen table? Try out the window sill!

Save time by planning meals ahead

You can meal prep to save time if you’re cooking for yourself (if you’re not, take a moment to appreciate whoever is feeding you.) It also helps to write down what you’re going to make later so you don’t have to stress thinking about what to eat when the meal time comes around.

Take ten minutes to do nothing

Once in a while, try to just sit, close your eyes and do nothing. It will help you sort through your stressful thoughts and you can chart a clear path to sweep that to-do list. Bonus points if you don’t fall asleep and take a five hour long nap while doing this.

Go on a walk (wearing a mask)

Getting outside is really good and you definitely should do it if you find you’re not being productive, but please do wear a mask. Taking a nice walk is the best way to reset your mind!


In the end, just take a breather. Don’t stress too much, you’ll get through this!