Unique wedding spots at UBC that will make your guests mutter, “wow…”

So, you fell in love at UBC. All that stress bonding over finals led to an attachment that you will keep sealed in your heart forever, like that mysterious mouldy container under your bed that you’re too scared to open.

After a sleep-deprived proposal in IKB and 1.5 torturous months of waiting, it’s finally time for your big day. And where else would you rather get married than the very campus at which you fell head over heels in love?

Getting married in the Nest or the Rose Garden is tried and true — aka boring and unoriginal. So, to make sure your special day is truly special, I’ve painstakingly composed this list of better places to get married on campus.

The Spot at Buchanan… ya know the pond thing in the courtyard

What finer place to be married than in the courtyard of the building that is often considered one of the ugliest on campus? Can someone say “better-looking by comparison?”

Gazing at the prison-like view of Buchanan Tower will suddenly make your student budget wedding decor feel luxurious.

This spot would also be so special since it’s probably where you proposed. I have seen so many proposals at this location it is not even funny.

Students milling around as you say your vows, the drab almost-white-now-turned-gray-due-to-dirt colour of the building — it’s truly the scenic peak of romance.

The Tunnels

Everyone wants their big day to be special, unique and different from everyone else. The ideal place for this would be the infamous tunnels under UBC.

It’ll be the most elusive and private spot on campus. Finding it is a fun little challenge for the guests — like an escape room but in reverse. And bonus: you’ll find out who your true friends are since half of the guests will definitely get lost in the tunnels and never make it to your location, and half won’t even try because they’re too scared to potentially get arrested (lame).

The white wedding dress will definitely pop in the pitch black of the tunnels and you’ll have a small army of mice, spiders and centipedes in attendance at the ceremony. Cute!

Somewhere off campus…

You... you should just do this one.

…Kidding! I would estimate that 99 per cent of weddings don’t happen at UBC. So, would you rather have a really nice wedding somewhere else, or a really different wedding here? The answer is pretty clear.

Wreck Beach

Everyone wants a tropical destination wedding, and luckily for you, UBC has the next best thing: a beach at the bottom of the longest staircase known to mankind. The money and time it would’ve taken to fly somewhere can now be converted into energy and sweat to get down and up those stairs.

You can set up the wedding on the beautiful sand (full of rocks) with the water swaying in the background, the croak of seagulls and a handful of first dates going horribly wrong. My heart goes out to the bride.

The Ubyssey Office

Listen, this may seem like a conflict of interest, but hear me out. There’s a microwave to warm up food (it caught fire last week but don’t worry about that), couches that barely pass health regulations for people to sit on and a literal photo studio so you can take the highest (okayest) quality wedding photos. Sure, there are footprints on all the backdrops, but I think they add character. One of the editors can officiate the ceremony — we’ll throw that in for free!

Who doesn’t want to get married with photos of past editors staring down at you? And on the way out you can get a little sticker that says “Thanks for supporting student journalism” as another free perk! Wow, what a fantastic and desirable location!

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