Which UBC buildings would we share a beer with if we could?

UBC is full of diverse buildings, each with a unique history. Choosing one to have a beer with is surprisingly easy though, given some are a bit spicier than others.

First, I’d have to stay clear of the Sauder School of Business. Not only does the interior reek of over confidence and stress, it also seems to be filled with people looking for competition. Grabbing a cold one with Sauder would probably result in me spilling some secrets only to be used against me later in life. Also, I don’t want to be taken too seriously and discuss my finances as we splurge on a couple rounds. Nor wear a suit. Though this may seem stereotypical, I’m pretty sure it falls accurately.

Forestry would be amazing to chat with. It probably has a collection of past adventurous stories to share and is always dressed super comfortably and practically. The beers would be accompanied by a little joint or two and we would bond over intellectual possibilities of the future. Plus, the aesthetic vibes make this building worth walking to in the first place.

The Buchanans are like the friends that aren’t really your friends, but you hang out with anyways. They’re a cluster of buildings that can’t be separated, and inevitably would probably all go to the bathroom at the same time. Being said, I want to know why all our classes are here. Who is Buchanan? Why is this person so revolutionary that they even have their own tower looking down on its subparts? I’d have to say I would want to get Buch a bit tipsy too and find out when renovations are happening because we don’t want to be transported back to a locked-lined high school when we walk through those hallways every day.

The Life Science building would be chill too. Like a popular and extremely excited person, this building seems great to visit with and is always the hub for networking individuals. But after a beer or two, I would probably go home and cry since I didn’t get into the medical school it houses.

And finally, I’d like to grab a beer with Tallwood. I have to admit I’m curious if it lives up to its name. Cheers.