The best ways to plan and organize your chaotic life

“I’m a student.” This simple sentence exempts us from the daunting expectations society holds. Lacking cleanliness, financial security and organization is all understandable. That being said, your life doesn’t have to be falling apart in a frenzy of writing last minute assignments between three-minute workout videos and the inevitable order to Domino’s pizza at 2 a.m. Instead you can organize your already chaotic life into something more manageable though some of these easy tips.

Planners and Bullet Journals

Buying a planner is cool now. Our generation is misguided by the idea that our brains can easily multi-task and remember all due dates for assignments, so buy a planner to save yourself some stress. You can see what’s happening each week and what you’ll need to prepare for without opening any browsers or rapidly messaging people. Embrace your inner-child and design a layout that works for you. It’s surprisingly entertaining.


Because who writes on paper anymore? Apps like Evernote and InClass can help organize electronic notes and assignments on your devices, even with special ad-on features to document audio lectures. When things get messy, these apps will help file and save all your notes until you need them for cramming before midterms.

MyFitnessPal is an easy app for tracking food consumption and daily exercise. Avoid gaining the freshman 15 by simply scanning food products barcodes or tapping in your meals. Also, the Sworkit apps are great for working out without having to struggle for mirror space beside an army of sweaty frat boys in the Bird Coop. It’s free, has timed workouts and essentially shows you videos of what to do.

Mint is an app to help organize your spending. Though there are many apps like this, Mint breaks down your finances into a cute and colourful diagram to temporarily distract from how much money you’ve spent on beer and pizza. Though it won’t bring any of your summer funds back, it will help you stay within means next month.

At the end of day, give a few of these a try before you inevitably fall back into midnight cram sessions and carb overloads.