From the Cult: Why you shouldn't vote in AMS Elections

This election's season, you'll be hearing a lot of propaganda from the AMS and from us, the university newspaper, to vote.

But you're educated. You should know your rights, including the right to not vote. Here are some reasons to keep your voice UN-heard this elections season.

WTF is the AMS?

You don't know what the AMS does. Who is the Board of Governors (BoG). Why are they BoGging you?

Instead of making an ill informed decision, it is better to not make one at all one. As long as they don't come for Blue Chip Cookies, you're fine! And even if you decide to do research, it won't be easy. There are policies you don't know about and debates you just can't understand.

There are also joke candidates? How does one make a decision between a frying pan and a fraternity brother?

There is math involved

I don't need to explain this, your first-year statistics grade speaks for itself. You don't know math! You don't know finance! And that's why you need to pick some Sauder goon to serve as your VP finance.

This guy knows so much about finance and math and commerce probably. Just know, no matter who you vote for, they'll send you emails saying "You wouldn’t want the deficit to get worse because the first thing gone will be your dental coverage."

At this point, if you pick the wrong person, you might not have any teeth left by the end of your degree.

Being a student politician is never cool.

Be honest, what do you think of these people. Nerds? People with an inane need to pad their resumes? I mean, you're most likely to vote for the one person whose name you've seen everywhere.

You know that if you do vote, you're just going to let pretty privilege make the decision for you — because studies show (by studies I mean trust me, bro) that you can a substitute lack of knowledge with "he's kinda cute."

Happy voting! Or don't. It's only your student society.

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