How to get to campus in case of a transit strike

On October 28, the BC transit workers’ unions gave a 72-hour warning that workers would go on strike if an agreement is not reached with Coast Mountain Bus Company in three days. But there’s no need to Panic! at the Bus Stop yet, as you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the best alternative modes of transit to get you to class on time and in style.


What better excuse is there to pull up to school in your new Mercedes-Benz than carpooling? This is the University of Beautiful Cars, after all. Not only can you flex on your fellow students with your sweet ride, but you can also have your passengers help alleviate some of the gas and parking costs. Bonus points if you turn your N sideways and make it a Z.


Whether you own a bicycle or use a bike share service such as Mobi, this option is perfect for those who want to get to class fast and stay fit. As a cyclist, feel free to subtly mention in every conversation that you bike to UBC. Shoutout to ex-Mayor Gregor Robertson for those bike lanes.


This method is probably best suited for those who live “close” to campus. Like cycling, walking will help you stay in shape, plus it’s free! You already walk from Buchanan D to the Forestry building for class, so what’s another 10 kilometres home?

Getting Carried

Since Lyft hasn’t made it to Vancouver quite yet, why not get someone to actually lift you to the university? Not only will you save energy, but you can also haggle over the price at your own discretion. It’s like Vancouver’s taxi services, but faster.


It’s time to bring out these bad boys again. Although you probably didn’t think you would ever need your scooter after turning 12, the ankle-destroying Razor Scooters present a retro way to glide to campus. If you’re looking for something more bougie, electric skateboards and hoverboards run over people’s feet just as effectively.


If Day of the LongBoat wasn’t enough boat for you, then you’ve got options! Kayak, canoe and dragon boat rentals are available from Jericho Beach, Kitsilano Beach, Granville Island and False Creek. Whether with friends or by yourself, you’re bound to discover a new side of you as you’re paddling out on the water and then bound to forget it when you dock on Wreck Beach while being stared down by the nudists.

No matter how you’re getting to campus, make sure to check out the Transit Strike Megathread on r/UBC for updates on the situation and to find other carpoolers. Good luck and happy commuting!