Apply to RBC’s ‘Get Seeded’ event to fund your entrepreneurial project

The AMS has partnered with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) to launch the Get Seeded Program. “Get Seeded” is essentially in the name — a seed fund program to help UBC students start creating their entrepreneurial ideas and actually begin their business ventures. Any entrepreneurial idea is encouraged to be expressed and applications are accepted until Sunday, March 11 at 11:59 p.m.

The RBC Get Seeded partnership is unique in the way that it allows individuals to build social networks with other students here in the UBC community. The overall process functions in rounds, with the top 15 pitch ideas to be chosen from the initial applicants. These 15 will be further narrowed down on March 19 during brief 90-second pitch presentations hosted in the Gallery.

AMS eHub Program Director Pranav Menon said that the goal of this program is an “initial investment in [students who previously had] financial difficulties when it comes to launching a venture.”

Both pitchers and spectators are encouraged to come listen and be inspired by their fellow students. RBC professionals, outside investors and industry workers will be invited as well to hear from students in one space.

The Gallery crowd will then pick their top seven candidates and those seven entrepreneurs will be seeded with $500. This money is “risk free” and to be used not to sustain an individual’s idea but get them started with the foundation of their venture.

Menon also noted that the program is an opportunity to “work with everyone on campus, [where] entrepreneurially minded students to come together, share ideas, meet new people and work on cool projects.”

There is nothing to lose by submitting an application and putting your ideas out there. If you're looking for the funds to kick-start your next big entrepreneurial idea, apply before March 11 here!