Welcome to UBC!

Letter from the Editor:

Expect nothing more from UBC than opportunities. During your time here you will be able to meet amazing people who will have done things you’ve never done and know about things you’ve never heard of. You will be able to learn from them and teach them what you bring with you from your past. You will be able to find people who love the same obscure music, shows or games as you, and who will make what were previously lonely interests of your collaborative passions. You will be able to study your obsessions and bore your friends with the details. You will be able to make your worst mistakes and your best decisions and sometimes it will surprise you which ones are which.

Just don’t expect that all of this will happen. Because it won’t if you just wait around for it. UBC will give you every opportunity to get what you want from it, but nothing will be given to you. Stay curious. Be inquisitive, friendly and generous.Stay open to change and to being challenged. Leave your shitty dorm room and force yourself into experiences that will surprise you. Take every opportunity, have fun and go to at least a few of your classes.

Samuel Du Bois is The Ubyssey’s Coordinating Editor for the summer and hopes to graduate sometime in the next twenty years.