Sex issue: Valentine’s Day ideas: what to do if you’re not single

So you are not alone on Valentine’s Day! You, too, will likely come across about a thousand-and-one articles that tell you all about the things that you should do or buy or eat with your sweetheart on February 14. That’s cool if you are into that sort of thing, but these types of articles usually end up falling back on the old diner-and-a-movie routine. Here are a few unconventional dates ideas for you to try out this weekend.

Test Out Mattresses In A Furniture Store

It might be fun to see how soft each of the mattresses in the store really is by jumping on them with a date. Whether you choose to keep what happens after PG or not is entirely up to you. (That said, you’ll probably have to face the consequences of getting kicked out of the store if you opt for the latter.)


Just because your significant other lives in a different city doesn’t mean that you should miss out on spending some time together. There are so many activities that you can do together over Skype and have almost as much fun—simultaneous movie watching, karaoke or cooking, just to name a few.

See A Play

This could just be the theatre buff inside me begging for release, but what could be more fun and romantic than a night spent in front of the stage? No matter what area of Vancouver you call home, there is a good chance that there will be some performance happening near you. Look online for cheap ticket deals.

Maturity Not Required

Let's not kid ourselves here: most people have never truly outgrown childish activities like hide-and-seek, going down the slide head-first or rewatching all of your favourite childhood cartoons. Lucky enough to find someone who wants to do all that fun stuff with you? That’s how you know they’re a keeper.