UBC ties for second last in “hardest partying” universities in Canada

MacLean's published an article last Friday, comparing the difference between the amount of time students spend studying and the amount of time students spend partying in twenty-three universities across Canada.

Queens University nearly came in first in both categories — averaging 19.8 hours studying and 4.9 hours partying — but was beat out by McGill University, where students spend 20.7 hours a week studying and St. Francis Xavier University, where they spend a whopping 8.0 hours a week partying.

[''] MacLean's

In comparison to our east coast contemporaries, UBC spends 17.5 hours studying — placing sixth out of twenty-three — and a measly 2.7 hours partying, tying with the University of Waterloo for second last and beating out the University of Alberta by 0.3 points.

UBC tied for twenty-first out of twenty-three so it's time we step up our cumulative partying hours. According to Wikipedia there are 98 universities in Canada, so we're basically in the top 20 per cent in the grand scheme of things — if we pretend that MacLean's polled the other 75 schools and UBC beat them all.