Sing along to ‘Three Shitty Midterms’ to the tune of your favourite Stampeders song

The Stampeders’ “Sweet City Women” is an iconic car ride sing-along. It’s the epitome of reminiscing about your good old days as you’re driving along the highway on a road trip with your best buds. But, a few days ago, a fellow UBC student came out with 48 seconds of hilarious yet relatable content. Youtube’s “ADorkNamedSteph” came out with UBC’s parody of “Sweet City Women”: “Three Shitty Midterms.”

Ukulele in hand, and a great big smile, “ADorkNamedSteph” expresses the stress that all UBC students go through when having multiple exams. Her content is 10/10 relatable, maybe even 11. Many commuter students can relate to her line about having to catch the train to be there in time. Other students struggling in classes can relate to her singing about having to get higher than 49 to be satisfied. Overall, we can all provably relate to the long exam waiting to “murder us.”

Although you won’t be reminiscing about your good old days, you can be ranting about your shitty ones. “Three Shitty Midterms” is a tune you’ll be singing in your head the next time you’re walking to take those dreaded exams.

But for real, why do they call them midterms when they’re not even in the middle of the term? Guess we’ll never know, but we can sing about it.