The phases of January

Happy New Year!

This usually lasts half a month because guess what, it’s the new year and January has 600 days to spare anyway. Everyone usually stops feeling like anything is new after the hangover from the New Year’s Eve party wears off, but we all like to be hopeful, don’t we? Then, we try to live by the ‘new year new me’ motto for a week. Well, then school starts and all the resolutions get buried under the snow on Main Mall, unless you’re dedicated, then it lasts for another week (yay!)

Then the classes set in, you probably love to hate your new prof — because it’s fun — and complain about it for two weeks until the course drop deadline has passed. You’re really stuck now, aren’t you?

By now, we aren’t that far from the dreaded realization that midterms are right around the corner and that it’s probably time for you to go sob at IKB. At this time, the new year has successfully faded into the cold, thin and rainy University Boulevard air. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you agree with me, feel free to donate to my PayPal.

January, oh January. It’s really long, isn’t it. Anyhow, now the snow has melted, the rain’s back and watching people fall can’t be a pastime anymore, so maybe try playing who’s crying in the rain? There are no rules here, feel free to plan your own adventure (more yay!)

Well, you might be feeling all that holiday weight dragging down your sprinting-to-class speed. But it’s okay because you know what, chocolates are nice and you only live for so long to enjoy them — so I say go crazy!