The Man in The High Castle is filming at UBC

You might be wondering why a rather large podium surrounded by Nazi and Japanese flags is set up by the rose garden. You can relax, it's just a TV show.

Amazon Studio's The Man in The High Castle, based on the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name, has recently been picked up for a full season, and it's filming at UBC (as well as Seattle, Monroe and Roslyn, Washington, but who cares?). They're doing their best to cover up the swastikas with paper, garbage bags, and what looks like painter's tape, and have put up a sign explaining that fact, but if you walk by at the right time, you'll be able to see the full set in all its fascist glory.

Tons of movies and TV shows have been filmed at UBC (Psych, Fringe, Supernatural, Caprica, Stargate Universe, Tomorrowland, etc. etc.), but it's always interesting to see a fully erected, decked out set covered in Nazi propaganda. Check out our gallery: