QUIZ: What UBC celebrity are you?

We’ve all daydreamed about having some claim to fame around campus. We’ve wondered what it would be like to strut down Main Mall surrounded by gushing fans or infamous lovers. Or you might’ve imagined being the hot topic of a sizzling campus-wide rumour. 

Even though you might not actually be a celebrity (yet), I’ll let you be delusional for a minute while I try to guess which UBC celebrity you are!

What’s your fav spot to lurk around campus?

  1. Magic forest baby, it’s me and my oui’d
  2. The frats/the fields/anywhere that serves beer
  3. The dining halls… I miss first year
  4. Wreck Beach — I’ll do the 500 steps any day

What song are you blasting at the Arc?

  1. I’m a Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
  2. Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes
  3. Raising Hell by Kesha
  4. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

In a world where Vancouver has four actual seasons, which would be your favourite?

  1. Play Folklore by Taylor Swift, because I love fall
  2. Summer, I’m a Golden Retriever trapped in this human body
  3. Cherry blossoms all the way!
  4. Mariah Carey is back in the Top 10, you know what time of the year it is

Where do you stop to cop a bite in between classes?

  1. Kinton Ramen, I like my food garlicky 
  2. Biercraft with the boys!
  3. Mercante… it’s all that cheese for me
  4. Rain or Shine, nothing beats Taco Tuesday

If you were actually famous, it would be for…

  1. Just being me, really. I’m majestic enough
  2. My superhuman athletic skills
  3. Making it onto national news
  4. Being the stupidest motherfucker on the planet


Mostly 1’s: Kip the Coyote

Like our canine company around campus, you are independent, fierce and totally a hippie. You probably spent way too much time smoking up behind Totem Park in first year. Few can keep up with your solitary charisma, so it’s your world and we’re just living in it!

Mostly 2’s: The Thunderbird 

Did someone say “the great outdoors?” Because look at this guy here! You probably love hanging out in the sun with the gang, play some type of varsity sport (or aspire to) and basically live in lululemon. While the rest of us are trying to revive our will to live mid-November, you’re already up and doing laps at 6 a.m. Gosh, we could never!

Mostly 3’s: Remy the Rat

Alexa, play the Ratatouille theme song… like right now. Your name translates to chaos and you thrive in popping up unexpectedly at the strangest of locations.  Mercante is your go-to comfort food (you can’t help but harbour a love for cheese), and you might even make it to national news! People generally love you, and politics may be a viable career route.

Mostly 4’s: The Polar Bear Swim mascot

Go back to question five and read option 'D' again, because that’s what you look like running into freezing water on the LDOC. Unlike the rest of us, your nerves are actually made of steel and you’re never afraid to take on a challenge. You live for the winter months and can be found curled up with a fuzzy blanket mid-December, drinking an iced pop like it isn’t cold as balls outside.