PSA: Here's how and where to stay cool in the Vancouver heat

Stay hydrated and cool to stay safe with the extreme heat in the Lower Mainland — hot girl summer is a mindset, not physical state.

Cooling centres on campus — which are air-conditioned buildings open to the public — include IKB, Koerner Library and the Nest. 

City of Vancouver cooling centres include all libraries (the closest to campus is West Point Grey Library, Kitsilano Library and Dunbar Library) and community centres. There are also misting stations, spray parks, wading pools and weather-protected plazas across the city.

Hot weather is no joke as prolonged exposure can cause heat exhaustion or heat stroke — the symptoms of which range from mild to severe and include extreme thirst, high body temperature, dizziness, lack of coordination, rash, cramps and rapid heart rate. 

If you see someone in heat distress, the City of Vancouver said to call 911 and “help them cool off by applying water to their face and neck until emergency services arrive.” 

The heat warning from Environment Canada is expected to last until Saturday.