How to write a UBC crushes post for your valentine

If you’re someone who is not on the aromantic spectrum, you probably get crushes. If you happen to be a UBC student, you probably would have come across the UBC Crushes Facebook Page. And if you’re me, you would most definitely have submitted plenty of crushes to the page. You might be wondering to yourself, “Why would anyone want to anonymously expose their crush for the entire UBC campus to see?” Well my friend, why does anyone write poetry about love?

Submitting a UBC Crush is perfect for all of us who long to date someone whilst being complete cowards at the same time. I have had at least four posts published on the page, with plenty more that went unpublished (and that was probably for the best), which means I am perfectly qualified to give advice on how to write the perfect UBC Crushes post.

Be succinct

The first post I wrote was overly long for a crush that I didn’t know all too well to begin with. It was full of worry about whether we would still be friends and insecurities. They don’t need to know all the intricacies of your crush. Cut it down! The more words you write won’t convince them to like you more.

Add a surname

If your crush has a really common name like James or Sarah, do add a surname. I didn’t do that once and the wrong person responded to the post, which made me have to submit another post to clarify who it was for.

Don’t be a creep

I’ve read way too many posts that are kinda creepy? Maybe don’t do that?

Lay off on the cheese

One of my posts was on the cheesier side and that backfired since the recipient ended up taking it as a joke and didn’t manage to answer the question of his relationship status or sexuality. Make it serious if you want a serious answer.

Don’t apologize!

You deserve to have crushes. If they don’t like you the same way, so what? They don’t get to decide your worth. Your crush isn’t shameful. Own that crush!

Let’s face it, crushes can be sort of icky. But they can still be wonderful. Be completely shameless about your crushes! Just don’t be like me and reveal yourself to your crush in a very long drawn out letter. That’s a very big mistake and I wouldn’t recommend it.