Espressyoself 3.0 is speed dating, but for friends

Vancouver might rank amongst the warmest cities in Canada when winter rolls in, but its reputation for being a cold and unfriendly city all year round far exceeds what could’ve been a nifty little title.

Enter Espressyoself 3.0. Now on its third iteration, Espressyoself is a social café happening at Great Dane Coffee tomorrow.

“A social café seemed to be the perfect way to create a space to meet and be inspired by strangers you wouldn’t otherwise meet,” said Celia Beketa, fifth-year commerce student and organizer of the event. Inspired by an event in Vienna designed to pair locals with non-locals, Celia created the event to tackle that seeming lack of community within the university. “It’s very easy for us students to get stuck in our own bubbles — around the same kind of people with the same interests, within the same faculty — but the beauty of a place like UBC is in its diversity.”

The event itself is structured for an attendee to have at least three one-on-one conversations with three different people and a group mix-and-mingle near the end. Food and drinks will be offered courtesy of Great Dane Coffee and since this is a 19+ event, alcoholic drinks will also be for sale.

So if you’re looking for places to make a new friend or just dying to find someone who’ll listen to your 10-minute rant about the mind fuck that was Westworld and have $5 to spare, drop by the Great Dane tomorrow and socialize away.