Three classic UBC events to look forward to before the end of the semester

We made it to the final stretch before the end of the school year! Either you have stumbled through your first year with new experiences and friends or you’re finally finishing your university degree with sudden fears of “adulting.”

It can be overwhelming to see the end in sight, so here are some fun events to look forward to as the school year comes to a close.

Storm the Wall

March 25 to 28 — Registration closes March 16

One of the most popular group and team building activities UBC has to offer is back again for their annual event! Grab some of your friends and try out this multi-sport race.

Climbing a 12-foot wall is a great way to clear your head of any stress with upcoming finals. This event can be done competitively or just for fun, as well as individually or as a team of five. Try to push yourself with any of the activities — swimming, bicycling, spiriting (do you mean sprinting?) or running — and take a chance with this opportunity to have fun and make memories!

Block Party

April 6 — Buy tickets now

Kyle, Troyboi, Goldlink and K?ds are all headlining at this UBC festival. Located outside the Nest, this event occurs rain or shine on the last day of school.

Multiple food trucks and music baring speakers will be sure to keep every student entertained. This event is a great way to end the school year and congratulate yourself on all the hard work university has put you through. Relax and let the bass vibrations consume your body before exams do.

The Undie Run

Start pretending you're in a frat and streak with hundreds of other UBC students! The official dates have yet to be released but this event does occur near the end of the school year — again, rain or shine.

It’s a great way to relieve stress through exercise while showing off those new undies. People usually have fun with their style — body paint and sunglasses at night is perfectly acceptable. Be sure to put yourself out there and just enjoy yourself. Use this event as a way to showcase who you are. Keep an eye out for the event and sign up soon!

Take advantage of all the UBC events offered at the end of the school year. They’ll be sure to leave you with memories that will last beyond your university years.