How to still look fashionable while drowning in Vancouver’s rain

Vancouver’s recent rainfall has got us all waking up in the morning, wishing that if we went back to bed, we’d wake up in Hawaii instead. You’ve probably kissed your summer wardrobe goodbye by now and put on cozy sweaters to keep you warm. It can definitely be tough to make fashionable choices that keep you warm, but fear no more, we’ve got you covered — literally.

No I didn't just bring my blanket to class... it’s actually a scarf

Is it a blanket? Is it a scarf? No one really knows. You can use your blanket scarf to nap in class and stay cozy, all the while being cute as you trudge your way across campus through the rain.

A parka (if you feel like having wet fur itching the back of your neck all day)

Yes, a parka is an expensive investment, but, it’s probably one of the best investments to make if you plan on living in Canada in the long term. As you can tell, it rains a lot — a parka will keep you warm and dry for sure.

Me: 1, Puddles: 0

Rain boots are waterproof, which should make them a staple in any Vancouverite’s closet. Even if they don’t look that good, they’re useful and everyone who wears non-waterproof shoes will be cursing themselves that they weren’t as smart as you. If you have a class on the other side of campus and a million puddles to maneuver through, rain boots will save you.

A turtley awesome sweater

Turtle necks are totally awesome! They’re cute, they’re affordable and they keep your neck warm with the illusion of a scarf. You can probably find turtle necks in any store for men and women.

Yeah you can stand under my umbrella

An umbrella can add that pop of colour to your outfit. Why carry around a plain old umbrella when you can use it as an accessory and showcase your style. Not to mention umbrellas are 10/10 the best shield against the wind. Your outfit might not be seen because the umbrella is protecting you from the front, but hey, that’s why the umbrella is nice right?