99 B-Line starts leaking hydraulic fluid en route to UBC

As if being crammed like sardines for a long commute isn't bad enough, a number of people taking the 99 B-Line to UBC last Thursday were shocked to see a fluid that looked like blood pouring out of the ceiling of the bus. One fascinated bystander caught the incident -- which turned out to be a hydraulic fluid leak -- on camera.

One of the occupants of the bus decided to offer some entertaining commentary to his neighbours and (probably unknowingly) the video's audience.

Upon seeing the liquid flowing down the walls of the bus, the bystander remarked, "It's hazardous. Flammable, possibly. Could be blood. Should probably stop the bus. Jesus." He, along with several others, proceeded to ask the driver to stop the bus so that they could escape.

TransLink has released a statement to confirm that the fluid was not, in fact, blood -- to the relief, I'm sure, of the video's commentator. According to TransLink, the leaked hydraulic fluid was neither flammable nor toxic, and, after being safely parked, the bus underwent a two-hour repair, inspection and soon returned to service. The cause of the leak is still undetermined. Though our favourite commentator seemed rather distraught (despite his calm tone), TransLink's statement assures the public that no one was injured.

Check out the video of this Shining-like scene below.