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The Ubyssey is made entirely by UBC students. And while there are 10 full-time editors around to help run the paper, volunteers produce the vast majority of our content. Volunteers like you. Whether you want to write one article a semester or an article a day, there’s a place for you at The Ubyssey—this paper has survived and thrived for 95 years because it has truly been a student paper, open to any student who wants to take part. So what are you waiting for?

The Ubyssey is the definitive source of news on campus. Published every Monday and Thursday during the school year, it is the largest student paper in Western Canada. The Ubyssey is published by an independent non-profit society, written and edited by students, and funded by a combination of student fees and advertising. All UBC students are welcome to join the staff of the paper, absolutely no experience is necessary.

Editorial office phone: 604-822-2301 Business office phone: 604-822-6681

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