Tait Gamble

Senior Staff Writer

Tait Gamble (she/her) is a white settler scholar, proud older sister and Staff Writer. She has been writing for Blog since September 2018. She enjoys finding humour in the everyday experiences of UBC students. Blink and you might miss her weekly stop by the Ubyssey office to grab a physical copy of the paper! She is studying First Nations and Indigenous Studies and Political Science.


As things escalate, you engage in "the walk to class along Main Mall." This becomes complicated when you belong to different faculties, but there is always "the sunset stroll along Wreck Beach" or "the meander in Nitobe Garden." On a special occasion, you meet for a classy dinner at The Point or Mercante, inevitably followed by Rain or Shine for dessert.

The room was packed with students working away diligently in their notebooks and computers. I saw equations. I saw essays. I saw SparksNotes and a lot of tabs open. I was immediately reminded why I should come here and why I don’t.

He’s been kicking around UBC since 1966, so the age difference is certainly on my mind a lot. But why does that matter? I may just a fountain, but we have a lot in common, and it’s not just the concrete.

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