Sidney Shaw

Staff Writer

Sidney started writing for The Ubyssey in 2022 during their second year at UBC. A Global Resource Systems student, they love to write silly articles especially when learning about climate change gets a little too depressing. You can find Sidney aimlessly walking around campus, pining over euphoniums or looking for shore crabs in their spare time.

Latest articles from Sidney Shaw

20230912 b guo food

As a child, my parents would take the three of us kids to T&T to buy doujiang. The predictability of the store was comforting. White waxed floors, edged by subtle grime; the smell of plastic wrap and the mist they sprayed to keep the vegetables fresh. The bright lights, the temperature, the layout — these elements create theoretically perfect conditions, yet are too sterile to make me feel at home.

koerner campus library ubc

How I miss the sunset from Wreck Beach! How I miss my friends! How I miss Koerner Library and how I miss the 20 construction cranes that saluted me on my way to class!

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