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Adult colouring book

The couple are targeting “daydreamers and wanderlusts,” according to Mr. Matthews. Moving from careers in sales and corporate recruiting respectively, the couple wanted to use their memories of places that they had visited and loved.


With full-frontal genitalia, erections and even actual sex featuring increasingly in film, this explicitness in presentation has caused critical consternation and accusations that such film narratives are borderline pornographic.

Manon Opera

Opera has the ability, over straight theatre or musicals, to be over-dramatic without compromising the legitimacy of the performance or storyline. Of course falling in love in the space of one song is ridiculous, but the sold-out audience of opening night were swept along with the comedy, romance and excitement.


A team of international scientists, including a biology professor from UBCO, have discovered that there are two species of giant tortoises living on the Santa Cruz island in the Galapagos, in contrast to the one that had previously been identified.


For a play with such a (perhaps) off-putting title, Cock is surprisingly PG. Sex happens, yes. It’s very passionate, but at no point do clothes come off, there is very little man-to-man or man-to-woman contact, yet the tension and passion in the scenes is electrifying.

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