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Nathan Bawaan

Nathan Bawaan

Web News Editor, 2021–23 Nathan started writing for The Ubyssey between Zoom lectures in 2020. He loves writing about anything UBC-related, particularly on governance and equity issues. When not studying political science or public health, he can be found making a mess in his kitchen. You can message him @nbawaan on Twitter or email him at


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Storm the Wall

"Queering” is not just about your gender identity or sexual orientation. If we’ve learned anything from our GRSJ electives, it’s that “queering” means basically whatever you want it to mean. With this in mind, here’s how to queer Storm the Wall next year — always stay prepped.

president ben du

Ben Du, the current AMS VP administration, is running to be AMS president with a focus on improving affordability, making AMS operations more efficient and bettering the student experience.

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