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Marie Erikson is a philosophy student writing primarily for the Culture section. She writes mostly about art and local cultural events. Marie loves to talk about her cat, or any cat really.

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20240119 m erikson upside down snowman

I was tasked by the humour section to visit UBC’s Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery as part of its expansion into art coverage (and conquest of the culture section). But the Belkin was closed because of the snow, or at least that’s what I told my editor ­— I did not check.

20230223 m erikson admiralty trail 1

The Admiralty Trail runs along the cliff edge with access to Acadia Beach and Spanish Banks Dog Beach. It is mostly flat with gentle curves, offering a leisurely stroll with views of Burrard Inlet and the North Shore’s mountains on one side and the forest of ferns and various trees on the other.

m erickson matcha april 4 2023

Some may search out an iced strawberry oat matcha latte from one of the abundant Starbucks locations in Vancouver, but if you’re a fan of the concept but not the execution, you might be looking for something else to fill that 16oz, caffeine-craving hole in your heart.

20230203 m erikson hatch exhibit-3

On the evening of February 4, the UBC Visual Arts Student Association (VASA) opened its annual undergraduate exhibition, What Do We Know, with an event inviting artists and attendees to speak at the Hatch Art Gallery.

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