UPS staff 2022 Lua Presidio

Lua Presidio

Lua Presidio

"Lua is tall and is quietly doing art shit in the background. Why is everyone else not noticing this" - Moe "She is tall and fun and a good person" — Sammy Smart


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Tuum Sex

After a hiatus of a few years, we are bringing an important column back to our paper: Tuum Sex (formerly known as Positively Sex).

Beach - Lua Presidio

The sands that I would pretend were sprinkles, where I’d roll around in, feeling like a brigadeiro. The sea where I learned that the best way past a tall wave is through it. It was now buried in oil and the federal government refused to do anything about it.

Lua Presidio Deaf Hard-of-hearing accommodation illustration

For him and other residents who are deaf or hard of hearing, there are less thought-about roadblocks that can make navigating student housing challenging despite UBC improving how it accommodates students with disabilities. And in many ways, some challenges may not be easily fixed by the kind of top-down policy update the university recently approved.


Burlesque in a classroom environment is also about being able to find a point of balance between comfort and discomfort.

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