Nomination deadline for The Ubyssey's Board of Directors has been extended

The nomination deadline for The Ubyssey's Board of Directors has been extended. We are one of Canada's oldest and biggest student newspapers and you can help be a part of our legacy.

Our award-winning paper relies on our editorial team, student reps, business manager and Board members to make sure things run smoothly and we continue to thrive. Join our 103 years of history by being part of the future of our 104-year legacy!

While our editorial team takes care of our content, our Board of Directors manages our finances, business strategies, organizational goals and other day-to-day businesses of the paper. Board members attend monthly meetings to discuss and vote on a number of issues and track our strategic plan progress. Being on the Board is a great opportunity make an impact on our community and gain great administration related skills.

The new deadline for nominations is February 25. To nominate yourself please email a nomination form to our Business Manager. If you have any questions please contact our Board President.