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ubyssey science jerry yin

People are rejecting science, expertise and “elitism.” Science is to blame. It's hidden in its shell for far too long, and must now poke its head back into the scary, "post-truth" world and fight for its existence and importance.

ubyssey science jerry yin

If it felt like 2016 was actually longer than a normal year you would be totally right, even if it is only a second longer. Before you totally move onto 2017, here are The Ubyssey's top 10 most read science stories from 2016.


Ada, the little robot is in trouble. Waves crash over her bow and lines cry out in the wind. A wave rises up behind Ada and she is carried up with it. For a moment, she sits at the peak of the wave, motionless in the heart of the violent Atlantic.


The news started making it’s rounds across Vancouver Facebook on Wednesday when it was reported that winds could surpass 100 kph and the Vancouver area could see over 100mm of rain. But those predictions aren't accurate — here's why.


Think an 18-story residence building made of wood sounds like a bad idea in a rainy, earthquake-prone city like Vancouver? Well, you’d be right, so it’s a good thing that UBC’s new Tall Wood Building isn’t actually a wooden building.


Brock Commons is being touted as a very environmentally friendly building. While it’s on track to be a LEED Gold Certified building but the wood building goes way beyond just an energy efficient certification.

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