Harry Sadleir

Senior Staff Writer

Harry is a computer science student and a blog senior staff writer. This means he likes coding, jokes, and coding jokes. This bio is also the only place anyone would let him use an oxford comma, so take that. If you wish to heckle him for any of the above, he can be reached at h.sadleir@ubyssey.ca.

Latest articles from Harry Sadleir

20230228 i maggiore ams president debate-1

Let’s be clear. This is not a place of earnest political discourse. If that is what you seek then look to the Ubyssey’s news section. Herein you will find exclusively fun facts, jokes, and online security information about your 2023 AMS presidential candidates.

2022 a mcelroy board

On December 5, the UBC Board of Governors Protestees — those who protest is done upon — met to vote on increasing student tuition again. The board meeting was joined by a large number of student protesters demanding a halt to tuition increases. Many governors attempted to calm the protest, each in their own quirky and canonically fitting ways.

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