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Last Friday, tens gathered in a sports arena somewhere on campus to watch the Lightningfowl win or lose or something. The excitement in the air was existing. The refs whistled their whistles and the game began.

The AMS has confirmed that starting April 1, a brown bin will be added for disposing of paper copies of The Who?byssey. This move will not only ease out the Who?byssey-filled blue paper bins but also generally improve the lives of UBC students.

In its 100 years as the only important newspaper on Campus, The Who?byssey has been through a lot. Starting its history as newsletter handed out to soldiers returning from the war of 1812 to our now history of being used as a bus stop seat cover when it’s raining, The Who?byssey has seen it all, man.

When we are engaging with you we frequently get complaints on our content. The most common complaint we get is about how bad our spelling is. To that we say, Shakespeare invented like, four billion words. What’s stopping us from inventing some?

The broken souls that make up our news team did their best to track down any remaining stories on campus, but it turns out we wrote everything that could possibly be written.

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