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You're walking down East Mall late one evening and feel someone watching you. You glance over your shoulder and swear that Buchanan Tower is a little closer than it was before. You walk faster.


From November 30 until December 2, the UBC Museum of Anthropology hosted an exhibit entitled Transformation Mask, showcasing a piece of art that was crafted through a collaboration between Heiltsuk artist Shawn Hunt and Microsoft.


Few political theorists have inspired as much discussion, admiration, or ire as Francis Fukuyama. In 1992, Fukuyama famously predicted that the collapse of the Soviet Union signalled a global regression towards liberal democracies, signalling an “end of history” as we knew it.


Being a good DJ is a difficult gig. Behind the hubbub and hype of a party, DJs have a great responsibility — to set the correct atmosphere and energy for the night.

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