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According to police, a family dog emerged from the woods with what has been confirmed to be a human bone during a walk at around 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon. Police are now searching the area near Imperial Drive and West 16th Avenue.

If it felt like 2016 was actually longer than a normal year you would be totally right, even if it is only a second longer. Before you totally move onto 2017, here are The Ubyssey's top 10 most read science stories from 2016.

This year was a hectic one for the world and UBC was no exception. The university saw a quick end to a rookie president's tenure, followed by the election of a new one, bringing with him a cult of personality.

People are rejecting science, expertise and “elitism.” Science is to blame. It's hidden in its shell for far too long, and must now poke its head back into the scary, "post-truth" world and fight for its existence and importance.

This special girl-power edition of the T-Birds 5-on-5 aims to recognize the women that inspire those of us currently eating chips on the couch in addition to the teammates they train beside every day. Amidst all of the training they somehow find time

One of the goals of the Our Campus section is to offer exclusive insight into the lives of UBC’s hidden stars. From a cello-loving president to the chef hitting the refresh button, I’ve compiled a list of the top six Our Campus stories of 2016.

In case the freezing cold, the sidewalks so slippery that you take your life into your hands walking to get coffee and the general start of the semester have got you feeling a bit shitty, the AMS are bringing us Frost Fest 2017.

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