Goons: The top five enforcers in UBC men’s hockey history ranked by penalty minutes

The UBC men’s hockey program has a history of success. If the team’s appearance at consecutive Canada West finals the last two seasons is any indication, the ‘Birds are a force to be reckoned with. And sometimes, to show that you’re on top of the game, you have to get your hands dirty.

There are six former Thunderbirds among the top 100 Penalty Infraction Minutes (PIM) collectors in men’s U Sports history.

Who are these goons that spent so much time in the sin bin?

5: Brad Zanon (D) – 330 PIM

Career stats (2004–2008): 142 GP, 29 G, 58 A, 87 PTS, 0.61 PPG

Those early 2000s Thunderbird teams were replete with tough-as-nails players that loved to rack up minutes. I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the other end of one of those games.

Zanon is ranked 99th on the list. His best year with UBC was in 2006/07 when he tallied 14 goals and 33 points over 36 games. After his successful career with the ‘Birds, Zanon spent some time in the East Coast Hockey League and made a few appearances in the American Hockey League.

4: Trevor Shoaf (D) and Loui Mellios (D) – 331 PIM

Shoaf’s career stats (1996–2001): 148 GP, 12 G, 50 A, 62 PTS, 0.42 PPG

Mellios’ career stats (1993–1998): 135 GP, 13 G, 50 A, 63 PTS, 0.47 PPG

Since Mellios put up the same number of minutes in 13 fewer games, you could place him ahead of Shoaf on this list. Considering their other statistical similarities and the fact that they were teammates for two seasons, I think we might as well stay true to the numbers and group the d-men together.

Shoaf and Mellios rank 98th and 97th respectively on the top-100 PIM list. That kind of tough play likely served them well in an unforgiving mid- to late-90s era when referees would have been less likely to make some of the calls that they do today.

After their Thunderbird careers, both defensemen played briefly in the United Hockey League before hanging up the skates.

3: Scott Frizzell (LW) – 358 PIM

Career stats (1989–1994): 122 GP, 32 G, 52 A, 84 PTS, 0.69 PPG

Frizzell ranks 66th on the top 100 list. After a long career in junior hockey, one that saw him put up 120 points in his final season in the British Columbia Hockey League, Frizzell brought his talents to UBC where he saw continued success.

His best season came in 1993/94 when he put up 20 goals and 37 points in 28 games. He placed 7th in PIM that season with an even 100.

Frizzell recently worked as a scout for Kootenay and Prince Albert in the Western Hockey League.

2: Nick Marach (RW) – 491 PIM

Career stats (2002–2006): 105 GP, 15 G, 36 A, 51 PTS, 0.49 PPG

This is where it starts to get really interesting. To rack up 491 minutes in 105 games, Marach would have headed to the box for an average of four to five minutes per game, certainly an impressive pace.

Marach’s PIM total is a bit misleading. He tallied 491 minutes at UBC, which would be good for tenth all-time. After his time at UBC, he played the 2006/07 season at the University of New Brunswick and racked up 70 more minutes, bringing his total up to 561 and placing him at third all-time.

1: Shon Jones-Parry (D) – 564 PIM

Career stats (2001–2004): 89 GP, 4 G, 10 A, 14 PTS, 0.16 PPG

I would definitely want Jones-Parry on my team. Over three seasons, the defenseman tallied 564 minutes in just 89 games, an astounding mark that places him second in all-time U Sports PIM. Forgetting the raw numbers for a moment, I would argue he should be considered for the number one spot considering the fact that the only player ahead of him played 54 more games and four seasons.

Before playing for UBC, Jones-Parry won the Canadian Hockey League Memorial Cup with the Portland Winter Haws during the 1997/98 season.