Staying active during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left everyone cooped up at home. Now that we are in phase 3 or reopening, gyms and recreation centres are starting to open with restrictions. But it’s way easier to sleep, binge-watch Netflix and eat.

However, UBC Professor Guy Faulkner, the chair of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, said “physical activity is probably one of the best things we can do for our health at the moment … we may need to be creative, but we can find ways to be physically active.”

Working out helps manage people’s mental health, elevate mood and give a boost to the immune system. So here’s an updated list of activities to do to stay active during this pandemic. You can also check out our previous list of activities here.

Go for a walk outdoors

Staying home 24/7 is not ideal for your health. So, walk around your neighbourhood or hit up your favourite outdoor areas for a walk to take a break and get some fresh air.

Household chores

Washing dishes, doing your laundry, mowing the lawn and more. Now that you are spending more time at home, keep busy by cleaning. You’ll have a tidy house and you’ll be keeping fit. Win-win!

Follow fitness Instagram accounts

Follow UBC Recreation or other fitness Instagram accounts for workout plans that you can do for free.


While working at home, try to work or make phone calls while standing up.


If you’ve got stairs at your house, go up and down as much as you can.

Jump rope

Throwback to that one middle school PE class and pull out that skipping rope. If you don’t own a jump rope, you can always make your own.


Use the walls at your house. Sit like you are sitting on a chair against the wall. Maybe read a book if it’s too easy for you.


Go hiking at your favourite hiking places and get some vitamin D. Don’t forget about physical distancing!


You can go running around the track close by or anywhere outside while listening to your favourite songs, if this helps! Remember to distance yourself with others and watch for the cars if you will be running outside.


Work on your stretches to increase blood flow to your muscles. Use walls and chairs at your house to stretch your arms and legs. You can find many stretches on the internet.