T-Birds 5-on-5: Rowdy Rookies 2017

Holding a record 25 Canada West titles, the women’s field hockey team is taking over the first 5-on-5 this year — that is, several of their rookies.

In this edition, the fresh faces of the team talk about adjusting to top-level training and share their wisdom on campus savvy-ness after a month of classes.

Thora Rae (TR)

Kaitlin Chow (KTC)

Sara Goodman (SG)

Jordyn Faiczak (JF)

Kaileigh Chow (KGC)

1) Describe your season so far in one sentence.

TR: Filled with solid hard work on the field, mixed with so much fun and laughter!

KTC: It's been so much fun to be part of such a successful and tight-knit team; the team is very close and everyone really works to push themselves and each other to be the best player they can be.

SG: My season so far has been nothing less than amazing, my team already has a culture that feels like family and we have played four games undefeated.

JF: We have really come together as a young team and even though there have been ups and downs, we find a way to execute when it counts.

KGC: It's been a great experience to be a part of a supportive and high caliber team, we are constantly learning from one another and being challenged to perform and improve.

2) What is something that your teammates don't know about you yet?

TR: I... am actually super good at Mario Kart.

KTC: That's a hard question because I feel like my teammates already know a lot about me!

SG: I don’t think they know how forgetful I am yet.

JF: Chipmunks are my favourite animals.

KGC: Honestly, my teammates know a lot about me, but ... maybe that I am obsessed with candy and eat too much of it to be considered healthy.

3) Where is your favorite place to nap on campus?

TR: I don't nap, but I guess my bed.

KTC: My favourite place to nap on campus is the library because it's so quiet and after I wake up, I can start studying again!

SG: I usually just go back to my residence to nap when I have the time.

JF: I would only ever nap in my res.

KGC: My dorm room.

4) Winter is coming soon. What is your favorite winter sport?

TR: Downhill skiing.

KTC: I love skiing in Whistler during the winter.

SG: Ice hockey.

JF: I love ice hockey, I played it for over 10 years growing up.

KGC: Downhill skiing.

5) If you could go back a month ago from today when university was starting, what would you say to yourself then?

TR: To spend every second outside hiking.

KTC: I would tell myself to enjoy and appreciate the last few days of sleeping in, watching TV and relaxing!

SG: I would tell myself not to be as scared. Expect an adjustment but know that you aren’t the only one who’s life is changing.

JF: I would tell myself not to take the warm and sunny weather for granted.

KGC: Have fun and say yes to every opportunity in the first few weeks before the midterm season starts! Oh, and don't spend all your flex dollars in one place!