Letter from The Ubyssey’s Board of Directors president

Welcome home UBC! As the Board of Directors president of YOUR student newspaper, I am excited to welcome you to our campus and introduce you to The Ubyssey. The Ubyssey is a nonprofit society partially funded by the student body, and our editors and contributors work hard to keep UBC students informed on what’s going on around campus.

As we are funded through a mix of student fees and advertisements, I feel it is important that the UBC student body understands exactly what is going on within our organization. I ran for The Ubyssey’s Board of Directors on a promise of better transparency and I am proud to announce that we are once again publishing a financial update.

The Board of Directors deals with all major business decisions and strategy. As president of this Board, I deal with a variety of business aspects such as marketing strategies, five- to ten-year strategic plans and our new scholarship program for incoming first years.

As an elected body voted in by students, our Board directly represents and looks after the issues you care about while overseeing the business side of The Ubyssey. Our Board consists of nine members, including five directly elected by the UBC student body. Elections for our Board of Directors happen each year in March during AMS Elections.

If you’re interested in running for the Board, please reach out to me at president@ubyssey.ca. My door is always open in Room 2209 in the AMS Nest if you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat. I look forward to meeting all of you!