Last Words: Hatin' on Drizzy

Some people, man. At 6:06 a.m. on November 13, professor of anthropology Charles Menzies got out of bed and took to Twitter to trash the Hotline Bling project put on by Dive Into UBC, The Calendar and the AMS.

AMS Senator Gurvir Sangha was quick to defend the completely harmless series of dance videos and called out Menzies for his cane-waving and fundamental misunderstanding of what happened.

Not one to give up easily, Menzies doubled down on calling out the AMS for not doing enough for social justice causes — presumably while on top of a mountain, peering down and hating the happy town below, or writing a one-star review of Footloose.

Only middle-class, entitled students dance to Drake. And dancing to Drake is the only thing those entitled, middle-class students care about. Damn those entitled, middle-class students and their ... dancing.

Sangha then linked Menzies this op-ed to illustrate what the AMS is actually investing their energy in — we'll just let the rest of the exchange speak for itself.