UNA candidate profile: Dr. Eagle Glassheim

Dr. Eagle Glassheim is running for the University Neighbourhood Association’s (UNA) Board of Directors on a platform of road safety, advocacy for UNA residents in Campus Vision 2050 and building community.

Glassheim, a UBC professor, Wesbrook Place resident and leader of the University Faculty and Staff Tenant’s Association (UFASTA), believes his varied experiences cause his concerns to be “representative of a very large number of residents of UNA neighbourhoods.”

He recognizes that representation is a key point. “I'd want to really be open to the voices of neighbours and other residents. Hopefully, I would learn a lot in the process.”

For Glassheim, road safety is a pressing concern, especially in light of recent incidents like the tragedy that killed two student pedestrians along NW Marine Drive.

“I'm aware of where [my daughter] has to walk. [And] I'm just more aware and concerned about safety in particular, because of my kids,” he said.

Secondly, Glassheim views Campus Vision 2050 as “an exciting opportunity” to advocate for UNA residents and sustainable, livable and affordable services and spaces.

While appreciative of existing infrastructure, services and green spaces, Glassheim wants a “full development of potential community building of our public spaces.” A tangible example that he has noticed could be implemented is a dog park, where those with a love for dogs can come together “and community [can be] built almost without even trying.”

For Glassheim, the overlapping jurisdictions in the UNA area can mean both advantages and disadvantages. A major barrier to this overlap is the complicated process for residents to express concern and implement change.

“[It] makes it harder for people to know how to advocate for their interests for public safety, for concerns about schools and their kids getting safely to school [and] the UNA can be a conduit for advocacy for the residents of UNA neighbourhoods.”

If elected, he hopes to help the UNA’s Board advocate for its residents and streamline these processes.

This is part of The Ubyssey’s coverage of the UNA election. We’ll be covering the candidates, the all-candidates forum and all things UNA until polls close on November 30.