Holmes, Malone, Hamid, Xiao and Gattinger win Senate

Max Holmes, Jeanie Malone, Marium Hamid, Hannah Xiao and Jakob Gattinger were all elected to be senators-at-large on UBC Vancouver’s student senate caucus tonight. Holmes, Hamid and Gattinger were re-elected, while Malone and Xiao are new to senate.

“I’m just excited to get back to work, honestly,” said Gattinger.

“So to be able to keep doing all of the things that I want to, [I will] be able to hopefully keep all of my committee appointments as I want, and just keep plugging away at the things that we’re already doing.”

He ran on a platform that included pushing for a senate governance review, a possible restructuring of exam schedules and improving academic concessions.

“Since it’s my first Senate win, I’m just humbled and honoured that students decided that I’d be a great senator for the next year,” said Holmes. He only entered Senate as a member-at-large after Ian Sapollnik resigned at the end of last year. “I’m really looking forward to working on the Senate 2020 docket.”

Holmes’s campaign focused on reforming academic concessions and creating survivor-centric sexual assault policies.

“I am extremely excited and really looking forward to continuing the work and so happy that we have a whole new set of Senators to be working with this coming year,” said Hamid, who was also elected as AMS president. Hamid noted she’s excited to continue working on the Ad Hoc Committee for Academic Diversity and Inclusivity

Xiao, who unsuccessfully ran as student senator back in 2015, was overjoyed by her win. Her platform consists of increasing senate transparency, improving the academic experience and creating better mental health support systems. Xiao is the only new senator with no experience in an elected position.

“I feel amazing,” she said. “I’m going to engage the students and make sure I follow through with all my platform points.”

Malone, who served on UBC’s Board of Governors last year and was re-acclaimed to the role, was unable to be reached.