New Campus Security Director Harry Hackl hopes to enhance safety, relations with RCMP

As the new director of Campus Security, Harry Hackl hopes to solidify public safety and enhance cooperation between the organization and the RCMP.

Hackl entered the role on January 4 to take over from acting director Ali Mojdehi who is now associate director.

In a written statement, Hackl said he has previous experience with the Calgary Police Services (CPS) and with campus security at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). He initially accepted a request for an interview, but later went back on this decision.

“I’ve spent most of my lifetime addressing, managing, providing risk management strategies and oversight as it relates to public safety and security. Whether it was within the frame work of law enforcement or now the Post Secondary environment,” Hackl said in his email to The Ubyssey.

Hackl said he has formal training as a first responder to sexual assault and abuse and that he worked to develop and implement sexual assault training for the SAIT faculty and staff members. In this training, he helped the participants discuss what sexual violence and trauma look like, internal and external support, and the practice of support framework.

He was also a member of SAIT’s Equity Diversity and Inclusion Response and Advisory Committee.

On his goal of increasing collaboration with the RCMP, Hackl said that UBC Safety and Risk Services recently created a Memorandum of Understanding with the University detachment. He said he hopes this new development will enhance cooperation between Campus Security and the RCMP while ensuring a stronger commitment to public safety.

Last year, UBC President Santa Ono initiated an external review in response to an alleged racial profiling incident by Campus Security. Hackl said he is well-versed with the external review’s key recommendations and is working to ensure that Campus Security standards are in line with current best practices.

Since the external review, Hackl reported that Campus Security has implemented a training program to familiarize Campus Security with racial discrimination, racial profiling, implicit bias and cultural diversity.

“Through respectful, inclusive and positive engagement, Campus Security will create a ‘safe space’ for those within the UBCV community who experience marginalization of any kind on campus,” said Hackl when asked how he would make marginalized communities at UBC feel safe.

In addition, Campus Security has developed a clearly defined process for complaints against their members.

He believes that UBC has already taken the right steps to ensure any discriminatory attitudes within Campus Security are deterred.

“Campus Security is part of the UBCV community and as individuals entrusted with maintaining safety and security on campus it's imperative that we treat everyone, whether a student, faculty, staff or guest at UBCV with dignity, compassion and respect,” stated Hackl.

Despite last year’s external review, Hackl has been extremely impressed with the quality of safety and security provided by Campus Security, “particularly those women and men who are tasked with responding to calls for service 24/7, 365 days a year.”

Hackl is also looking at Campus Security’s service delivery model to guarantee that they are conducting the best practices in line with other post-secondary institutions across Canada.

“By promoting and supporting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Campus Security will continue to earn the trust and respect from the UBCV community as a whole,” he said.