Multiple restaurants are closing in the Nest — what’s going on?

Food outlets in the Nest have suddenly been hit with a string of closures. AMS-run outlets Flavour Lab and Porch are set to close by April 26, and the AMS has announced that Soup Market would not be renewing its lease either.

The closures come amid inflationary pressures in Canada. Recently shuttered UBC restaurant The Point had been struggling to remain above rising costs amid competition between the variety of food outlets on campus. AMS Senior Communications & Marketing Manager Eric Lowe wrote the changes were made to ensure the AMS remains in a “financially sustainable" position.

“In order to keep up with changing demands and ensuring that we can be financially sustainable, we have made the decision to lease out the Flavour Lab space and make changes to Porch.”

He restated that students are the priority of AMS food outlets, saying that “the objective of our AMS food outlets is to provide students with a variety of options with the highest quality meals possible, while also keeping prices affordable.”

Regarding Porch and Flavour Lab, which were both announced to close at the same time by the end of the term, Lowe wrote that although Flavour Lab’s space in the Nest would be leased out to another food outlet, some of its menu would be available elsewhere.

“I want students to know that their favourite Flavour Lab items will find their way onto the menu in other locations, ensuring students can continue to enjoy their favourite dishes.”

Porch, on the other hand, will likely reopen with a similar menu would more or less remain with popular items still up for grabs, but all “under a new brand.” As for the Soup Market, which has been around for several years, the AMS declined to provide a comment as it is operated by a third party unaffiliated with the AMS.

Lowe remained hopeful for the future of UBC food and the current plans in progress.

“We are finalizing agreements for new outlets to take over the Flavour Lab, Soup Market, and current Blue Chip location once it moves,” he wrote. However, these “new outlets” have yet to be announced.

Lowe wrote that despite the abrupt closures, there is much to look forward to.

“We’re excited about the additional variety we’re bringing to the Nest. We hope these outlets will be open in the fall, but the actual opening date is undetermined at this time.”