Liberal incumbent Joyce Murray wins Vancouver Quadra

Update on Thursday, September 23 at 11:55 a.m.: This article has been updated to include the full election results.

Incumbent of 13 years Joyce Murray has won UBC’s riding, Vancouver Quadra.

Murray defeated Conservative Party candidate Brad Armstrong, NDP Party candidate Naden Abenes, Green Party candidate Dr. Devyani Singh and People’s Party of Canada candidate Renate Siekmann.

Murray received 20,814 votes — 44 per cent of the vote. Armstrong came in second, with 13,786 votes — 29 per cent of the vote. Abenes, Singh and Siekmann followed, with 19, 6 and 2 per cent of the vote, respectively.

The Vancouver Quadra riding has been described as a Liberal safehold throughout the election.

CBC has also called a Liberal minority government.

In a phone conversation on Monday night, Murray called it “early yet” for numbers in BC, but thanked “all of the electorate” for their confidence in her should she be re-elected.

In interviews and debates ahead of the election, Murray emphasized her commitment to fighting the climate crisis and helping young people in pandemic recovery.

“I’m very pleased, if I am indeed re-elected, to be able to continue representing this area with the great University of British Columbia — with students and staff and faculty and to continue to be a champion for policies to help students and youth and to continue working to make sure that Canada is a leading country with bold action on climate,” Murray told The Ubyssey on election night.

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