Campus Vision 2050 engagement kicks off

The public engagement period for Campus Vision 2050, UBC’s long-term land planning project, ends this Friday. UBC is asking students, faculty, and staff to participate as it lays the groundwork for a number of significant and physical expansions to the Vancouver campus in over the next 30 years. 

Campus Vision 2050 is a plan for how and what UBC will build over the next 30 years - ranging from renovations to the construction of entirely new spaces.

The proposed plan establishes four new development funding demands for UBC. The first planned development is more housing, with a planned 3,300 bed expansion of student residences and increased non-market rental for faculty and staff. The second is using UBC's Land Trek endowment to improve academic spaces on campus. The third is enhancing campus amenities and upgrading infrastructure to meet the expectations of students and faculty. Lastly, the plan supports a commitment from the Board of Governors toward funding the SkyTrain to UBC

Campus and Community Planning has said it will consult the Musqueam Nation through the development process.

It has been ten years since UBC last updated the Vancouver Campus's land use plans and UBC is planning for a community 20 per cent larger than in 2012.

UBC is seeking community comment on the broad goals of the campaign like expanding housing and building community, as well as specific choices the planning team is making on neighbourhood density and building height.

To participate in the consultation, UBC community members can complete an online survey open until October 14 or attend an upcoming engagement event, the dates of which can be found on the Campus Vision 2050 website.