Campus Security releases annual report, finds decrease in reported sexual assaults

UBC has released its Campus Security Annual Report for 2014.

In the report to the Board of Governors, Campus Security reported a total of nine cases of assault during the 2014 year. There were five reported cases of sexual assault this year, with three of those cases taking place in campus residences. Three sexual assaults were reported to the RCMP's UBC detachment, a stark contrast to the 50 sexual assaults that were reported in 2013.

The report also showed 10 reported instances of people uttering threats, including a threatening email to a professor from a former student and threats to a transit bus operator.

Out of the 110 blue phone calls that were made in 2014, 101 were ruled to be either mischief or accidental activation of the system. Four of the calls asked for help with directions, two were for medical help and three were for transportation requests.

Transportation by AMS Safewalk and Campus Security increased to 906 instances from 603 in 2013 and 131 in 2012.

Campus Security also reported a total of 158 theft cases, with bicycles, laptops, tablets and cell phones being the primary stolen items. 22 auto theft cases were also reported.

No robberies were reported, but 23 break-and-enters took place at UBC in 2014.

According to the report, various alarms on campus were activated 2,077 times during the year.

Campus Security Director Barry Eccleton declined to comment on the contents of the report until it has been approved at the Board of Governors meeting on April 14.